First snowboard boots. Huge feet. What's available?

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  Thread Started By:   spicypedro   On:   Wednesday 02/08/2017 @ 07:38 Show Newest First    
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  #2  First snowboard boots. Huge feet. What's available?  Posted 02/08/2017 @ 07:38
Hi. New forum member and soon to be new boarder. Going on my first trip early next year.

I'll come out and say it. I have huge feet. Generally a UK14/US15/EU49-50. Whenever I start out with any new sport that requires its own specialist footwear, it generally takes me an age to find something that fits, so I've started early looking for my first pair of boarding boots.

Having trawled the web, I came across the Burton Ruler which helpfully come in a size US15. These turned up today and I've been wearing them for a couple of hours at home (stood in a semi squat position at my standing desk) and they haven't really got any more comfortable in that time. My right foot is slightly bigger than my left and it feels like it. Just a little pinchy, regardless of how loose I fasten the inner.

So, I'm looking for alternative boots for huge-footed beasts such as myself. Anything else in a UK14/15 for me to try really.

Anyone got any ideas?
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  #3  Re: First snowboard boots. Huge feet. What's available?  Posted 14/08/2017 @ 22:30
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Hi mate,

I have size 13/14 uk feet depending on what shoes I get - Also was going to get the burton rulers but the guy in Ellis Brigham asked me to try the 12.5 Adidas Superstar 2017 as its a pretty big boot. Initially felt tight and my toes were touching the end but I've wore it about 3 times now and its gradually becoming pretty damn comfy. Worth a try! If not look for RIDE boots they go pretty big.
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