Feeling low energy

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  Thread Started By:   davidwilliams   On:   Saturday 11/05/2019 @ 10:01 Show Newest First    
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  #2  Feeling low energy  Posted 11/05/2019 @ 10:01
Sorry but you will have to hear me out on this one.

I have been working in a factory for the past 6t weeks, doing 2pm - 10pm.
Now the hours don't bother me. It is a normal 8hour shift.

It is the fact that I get up at 12pm (black out curtains) then get straight into bike gear in my room and go off to work. Not a part of my see's day light from the time I arrive at work until my 1hour break at 8.30pm.

I am feeling drained of energy, and really lethargic. And I was wondering if you guys ever felt that way after spending so much time on the slope then going back to the UK, where sunlight is a rearity.

It is really getting me down. I sleep 10hours a day so should be wide awake but I am still feeling weak and not able to do what I should.

This could be put to diet, but after work I got to the pub, then when I get home, I eat a propper meal. Then 10hours later, I am up again eating a full meal.

What are your suggestions?
When boarding, I just want to lay down and sleep. It is really winding me up. More lseep than ever before, but feeling more tired than before despite easier work.
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meth mouth
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  #3  Re: Feeling low energy  Posted 11/05/2019 @ 22:56
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In reply to post #2...
You need to wake up earlier and stop going to the pub for a few days or a week if you can. Eat breakfast at 9am, then before work, light when on your break and stop junk food. Be in bed by 12am.
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