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  Thread Started By:   Cazziew   On:   Friday 23/02/2018 @ 07:59 Show Newest First    
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  #1  Family holiday  Posted 23/02/2018 @ 07:59
Sorry to bother you
My husband and I are looking to take our little ones away next Feb half term. My husband myself and my little girl all snowboard, me and my daughter (6) at a beginner level and my husband is really really good. My son (3) is hopefully going to be Learning.
Any suggestions of where to go and with what company?
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  #2  Re: Family holiday  Posted 25/02/2018 @ 00:04
Hi, If you can stand the expense, perhaps Banff or somewhere else in Canada. I’m here for the first time in a few years and there more small kids boarding & having lessons than I’ve ever seen. It’s a bit of a generalisation but Ski schools here are far more child-centric than in Europe. They try hard to make things fun. It’s better if your little ones can be part of a group rather than have individual lessons though but I don’t know if there are enough youngsters to make up the numbers. You would need to do some research and I would try to get some time in an indoor slope over the summer so your kids master the basics. It’s a bit wasteful of time and money learning how to stand up and side-slip when you are on holiday.
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  #3  Re: Family holiday  Posted 25/02/2018 @ 23:09
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Hi. We’re heading back to avoriaz again. We took our 4 year old last March and for families it is great. My wife isn’t a great snowboarder and our daughter is just starting out. We found that the nursery slope was good. When they had enough you could head to the indoor swimming complex. The centre of the town has a fair ground ride. You have mint snowboarding which can teach young kids to snowboard. The stash is there. We’re heading over (very late) this year. April half term. It’ll be hot and slushy but will be good fun spring riding. We’re just sorting it out ourselves. But you have tree line chalets and a few others that are great places to stay. Hope that helps.
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  #4  Re: Family holiday  Posted 28/02/2018 @ 09:31
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The Girmond lift is the perfect steepness for learning on. Its super super wide and can be accessed by gondola from the resort center. Dad can lap the adjacent black and red runs and touch base every hour or so. The rest of the runs on the resort are pretty wide too.

Interski seams to have the place in their pocket (not a bad thing!). The usual Crystal etc.. also go there.
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  #5  Re: Family holiday  Posted 04/03/2018 @ 00:52
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Probably my last response to anyone who is a first poster. One question; then nothing.
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  #6  Re: Family holiday  Posted 05/03/2018 @ 17:19
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QUOTE (oldgit - 04/03/2018 @ 00:52)

Probably my last response to anyone who is a first poster. One question; then nothing.

A thanks now and then wouldn’t go a miss.
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  #7  Re: Family holiday  Posted 06/03/2018 @ 01:21
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Thanks Russ! (and OldGit)
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  #8  Re: Family holiday  Posted 06/03/2018 @ 17:25
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Aye wouldn't worry about it.

The got all the advice they needed, ignored it and booked their hols to Whistler.

As 3year old Tarquin will appreciate the tissue at the lift stations
Snowboarding ruined my life
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  #9  Re: Family holiday  Posted 18/03/2018 @ 12:04
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Try MGS Ski they are run my an English and American woman the specalise in a place called Val Cenis the resort is not too loud there are lot's of plces o eat and they do ski/bord guides in the afternoon. here is alin to ecams of th resort it's perfect for famalys.

it's the 4 webcams at the end of the page
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