Colorado, which resort?

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  Thread Started By:   aceman   On:   Tuesday 07/11/2017 @ 20:23 Show Newest First    
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  #1  Colorado, which resort?  Posted 07/11/2017 @ 20:23
Right, its time to dust off the boots and get back on a hill...

its been a while, 7 years in fact??!!!! So im older, out of shape, just as stupid and epically unprepared, but its time...

I'm thinking of nipping over to Colorado (i'll be in the states already) for a few days, but am just wondering which resort.

I don't need advanced steep slopes, just something to start on again, need decent nightlife and restaurants, and a half decent hotel.... Thoughts?
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  #2  Re: Colorado, which resort?  Posted 10/11/2017 @ 10:17
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Well you can't really go wrong. Personally I like the smaller, wilder places, but you'll probably want the "name" places and they'll be fine.

My favourite on I70 is Winter Park because I like steep bumps and don't care about nightlife, so don't go there!
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  #3  Re: Colorado, which resort?  Posted 10/11/2017 @ 20:02
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  #4  Re: Colorado, which resort?  Posted 14/11/2017 @ 08:35
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We love Copper Mountain.

It has a natural divide to the slopes, starts easy over to the right and gains severity as you move left. Good lift system, easy to get around and has free snow cat rides in one of the back bowls. As with many resorts in Colorado though the night life is low key but has a few decent bars.

We liked Winter Park also but for us there where too many's the home of bumps!!

I would think Breck would be a better option if night life is high on your list.

You wont go wrong with any resort out there to be honest.
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