Cervinia vs Milky Way vs Courmayer

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  Thread Started By:   JerseyNick   On:   Monday 05/03/2018 @ 16:13 Show Newest First    
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  #1  Cervinia vs Milky Way vs Courmayer  Posted 05/03/2018 @ 16:13
Afternoon all, long time no post.

I'm off to the Alps for two weeks on the 17th - first week booked in Serre Chevalier and we than have a free week w/c25th march with the plant to go where the snow is

Just wondered if people had any informed opinions on Courmayer vs Cervinia vs Milky Way - I'm happy to drive to any of them from Serre and will keep an eye on the snow forecasts, but if the snow proves to be equal - what would people suggest?

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  #2  Re: Cervinia vs Milky Way vs Courmayer  Posted 08/03/2018 @ 00:09
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OK, well there is a mix of most things in the various resort ski areas for general touristing.
But, there's a lot of low level terrain ... which if things get warm later on in the month, could turn a bit sloppy for off-piste (then again.. watch the weather )

Serre Chevalier is pretty damned good - lots of terrain. Also I recall the Luc Alphand olympic black being a full on crazy blast, so long as you like avoiding the dawdlers on multiple cossing points with horizontal green pistes all the way down to the bottom.

The link from Sause d'Oulx to Sansicario & the rest of the Milky Way was said to be an epic playground bowl for snowboarding. Unfortunately I went there on the year of the winter olympics and they sacrificied this terrain to keep the Olympic slalom piste running (it was a drought year).

So, head to Sestriere for the highest terrain. There is lots of fun stuff in the trees if the snow cover is good (look for closed drag lift lines as entry points )
The place is ugly as sin though, loads of those missile silo hotels ....

Driving.. the usual epic mountain roads. Clench your buttocks and breathe in etc..
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