capita or never summer

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  Thread Started By:   ori959   On:   Friday 10/03/2017 @ 22:12 Show Newest First    
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  #2  capita or never summer  Posted 10/03/2017 @ 22:12
hi !
I want to buy the capita doa or the never summer proto type 2
i ride all mountain and I don't know what to choose.
If anyone can help me or give advice that would help alot .
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  #3  Re: capita or never summer  Posted 12/03/2017 @ 09:56
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In my personal experience never summer seem to have quality issues and they don't care. I have had the laminate peel off in the first 3 months with the board and I had so many problems with customer service. They didn't want to take responsibility for the problem and tried to say it was my fault. If you want something that will last and have good customer service look at Yes. The Capita DOA is also a quality all mountain board. Have a look at the Yes Greats. I picked one up a couple of weeks ago and have had a few days with it and I love it, it is a fantastic all mountain board. It just rocks. Another board that is also really good but more of a park board is the Salomon Huck Knife. Bataleon Evil Twin is another board that is a great all mountain board and is also slightly forgiving. The guys I ride with ride the latter 2 boards and they love them and go all over the mountain with them.
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Hong Kong
  #4  Re: capita or never summer  Posted 13/03/2017 @ 11:47
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Hi Ori,

Welcome to the forum. I've ridden the Never Summer Proto 2015/16 and the Capita DOA 2015/16 & 2016/17.

I'd say they are both all mountain freestyle boards but have different personalities.

DOA is definitely better at carving and holding an edge because the camber is very helpful for that, but it can still press with a bit of practise and a little extra effort. It's awesome off kickers and is a great all around board.

I don't regret selling my DOA but it is an awesome around board at good value. But I still own my Never Summer Proto HD, mainly because the base is bullet proof and I love the topsheet material, allows me to avoid using a stomp pad and doesnt collect too much snow. They way it rides is pretty good but definitely get one which is for your weight should you want to carve and have stability in the steeper stuff. It's very flexy and torsionally soft, so it is very agile, but at the cost of stability... at first.
Once you master the art of riding it, it is indeed a fine board. The base is super fast and fairly indestructable, probably the best at taking a thrashing out of all the boards I've owned. The nose and tail are great for jibs and presses, but it can still pop. The board can get bucked around in the chop and in spring conditions the hybrid camber can suck you into the ground, but nothing rides well in wet slushy snow anyway. In powder I would say this is better than the DOA although DOA is totally fine in powder.

Now I don't know much about the 2017/18 boards but I know that assymetic sidecuts are all the rage and I can attest to their benefit to your riding.

If you are prepared to stay centered on the board and learn how to use the Proto, I would say it is an extremely agile, forgiving and super fun board. As for the DOA, you can charge as hard as the Proto but stay a bit more in control and it will reward you handsomely if you ride aggressively.

As for quality, I've had 2 NS boards and never had a problem. In fact both have been treated pretty roughly due to conditions and hitting stuff. If anything I would avoid DOA if I wanted a board to last me forever, but when did anyone buy a board to last forever!! The base does gouge pretty easily and I'd say I would have three times fewer gouges in my never summer than DOA. The DOA does hold it's pop a bit better than the NS over time, but again if this is your first board following a rental then I would go for the DOA in a size where you are in the middle or slightly over the recommended weight range. As it will improve your riding and stop bad habits coming.

If you are a seasoned rider looking for fun to your freeride both in the park and in the natural, especially powder I'd recommend the proto. The more aggressive you ride the longer the board. Perhaps a bit more to the being a bit lighter end of the recommended weight range. For someone who is progressing from rentals, I'd say that you might find it little strange as the board isn't very predictable when flat basing.
If in doubt, go faster!

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