CAPITA KAZU pro snowboard, opinions/reviews? for japan 18

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  Thread Started By:   axel2004   On:   Thursday 03/08/2017 @ 11:42 Show Newest First    
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  #1  CAPITA KAZU pro snowboard, opinions/reviews? for japan 18  Posted 03/08/2017 @ 11:42
Hi guys.

Heading out to niseko japan next year for the first time and looking for a new board.

Obviously will be mostly powder/freeriding, backcountry + through the gates. Some night/park riding also.
Love surfing/slashing powder but i also tend to have a freestyle element - jumping everywhere etc.

- I hate the stiffer and clunkier powder board feel which always feel slow to turn through the trees.
And looks like niseko has a lot of trees!

Landed on the capita kazu which is sold as a "freestyle powder board"
If that means its a quicker turning more lively powder board then great - but worried that is just marketing and its basically a freestyle all-mountain deck that'll sink...
Looked at the capita charlie slasher but thats bulkier, doesn't look great for switch and less free styling.

Any opinions/reviews or alternate suggestions would be awesome.
I'm aware no board can truly do it all - just looking for right balance.
Only wanna take one board with me.

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  #2  Re: CAPITA KAZU pro snowboard, opinions/reviews? for japan 18  Posted 04/08/2017 @ 17:08
In reply to post #1...
If you like Capita boards then worth a test for sure. I rode their Spring Break boards a bit last season and they were reasonable. I have ridden various versions of the Charlie Slasher.

I see what you mean about the Kazu. The marketing... looks like a board aimed at park riders (probably you not me) which has powder potential. You can get powder boards with "twin" design, although they're not all actually twin. The TRS and Sick Stick are two which I've ridden. Those lack taper, and I had to set my stance back to ride them in powder (so they're not actually twin at that point, if you see what I mean).

It could be what you want: a board you can do "tricks" on which has some powder capability. They do it in 4 sizes (a good thing), but you absolutely need to get the right size, and they unhelpfully don't give weight ranges for them. If you can, ride one and see. The board is actually directional (a good thing for powder), and has some taper on the tail (also good for powder). The base profile is sensible.

I doubt they would be as rapid around trees as the Burton Branch Manager or Landlord or even the Skip Jack, or the Spring Break boards because those boards are all directional..... and to ride trees I really want a nose to float around and a tail to "mush" into the turn so I can control the speed. That's what you don't get on "twin" powder boards.

The Charlie Slasher was flat, from what I remember, and felt like it. I like a little more life in a board, which it didn't have.

Quick turning... I think that may be over blown; bigger designs run faster so they may feel slower to turn, but turning a board's the same thing irrespective of the size of it, if you see what I mean. I ride big boards when there's a lot of fresh, and don't notice that they're harder to turn. That said, getting the board size correct for the rider is a huge influence on this - if a board's too big or too small it will be hard/ unpleasant to turn.

Me, I always carry one board for resorts and one for the back country. If you already have a park board, then you could take that and then buy/ rent a powder board (or several different ones) out there until you get it right. I've not ridden snowboards in Japan, so I don't know, but many of the videos show mellow looking terrain, so you may need a fair bit of speed for that, depending on how much fresh you get.
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