Canada Road Trip 2019

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  Thread Started By:   LostJohnny   On:   Friday 02/11/2018 @ 12:47 Show Newest First    
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  #1  Canada Road Trip 2019  Posted 02/11/2018 @ 12:47
So, another year, same ol' same ol' .......

I guess most of us have been here, plenty of positive talk over the months but when push comes to shove ......

If anyone is interested in the above, for between four and six weeks, the longer the better, shoot me a pm, but be realistic ...... I'm guessing maybe under a grand a week should cover it, all in.

No real itinerary, just do most if not all of the areas west of Calgary ...... go back to some favourites and check out some of the smaller hills as well ...... book a couple of nights before flying out, and do the rest on the hoof.

I need to be back mid March, so I guess going out early Feb would be a starting point, but plenty of time to nail down the detail.

Enjoy a few beers but don't get steamed any more ........ not looking to burn through the dollars, but not out there on a shoestring either. Pretty easy going and level wise ok on any marked trail, but I'm not really going for the groomers .......

Easy on as to age, I'm gone fifty but not quite ready for the lid to be nailed down yet, just somebody who isn't too much hard work ........ lol.

And sorry to all those young ladies just itching to sign up, as I'm married it's gonna really have to be a bloke(s). Midlands based.

Or if you've got some deal to Ca already going, let me know ........ just don't want to spend most of the season in the Alps.
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