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  #2  buying first gear  Posted 16/04/2019 @ 19:13

I'm looking to buy used gear for myself and my teenage son. We're confident riding black slopes and off piste (nothing too narly) and doing basic jumps. The last gear we hired was: Flow Merc (wide snowboard), unsure what bindings, with Flow Rival boots. This setup was great.

I don't have a budget, just need to spend minimum that'd get us going. Please can anyone advise/suggest:

How much roughly do you think we need to spend buying used gear (per person setup)?
What ratio do you reckon spending on board vs bindings e.g. 50% board, 50% bindings or something else?
What brands should be considered or avoided?

I think we want all mountain boards though one friend advocated just buying a pure powder board - any comment?

I know [almost> nothing about snowboard gear, keen to learn.

Thank you

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  #3  Re: buying first gear  Posted 18/04/2019 @ 10:34
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Usual advice is to buy new boots first and hire board and bindings. This approach allows you to experience a range of boards without wet or hurting feet. It’s a good idea to get the feel of different boards before you buy.
Boot fitting has to be done with a personal visit. Sizes and fits are so variable that it can’t be done by internet purchase. The brand choice is likely to be what fits your feet best. You will know when you have the right fit - you can wear them all day and they feel really comfortable - like a good walking boot.

Years ago hire boards were generally rubbish but any decent shop now has some pretty good kit.

As For a powder board - great if you happen to be somewhere and it dumps down but powder is the exception unless you are in Japan or one or two other places at just the right time. If you get a board in the correct range for your weight where you can set the bindings rearwards a reasonable amount - it should be fine in powder. That’s most all mountain boards these days.

Hopefully you have a board shop close by. Most small shops are run by enthusiasts who are unlikely to sell you something unsuitable. Even the big guys like Snow and Rock / Snowboard Asylum do a good job. Where they have a shop at an indoor slope you can try out boards for free. Again the full range of boards come into stock in October.

At this time of year all the popular boots in the common sizes will be sold out so you need to wait until new stock arrives in October.

Spent the time finding you local shop and find out when their new kit is coming in.
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