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  Thread Started By:   Pinhead   On:   Tuesday 29/08/2017 @ 21:15 Show Newest First    
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  #1  Butters  Posted 29/08/2017 @ 21:15
Hi all.
Can anybody tell me why i can butter my evo better than my funslinger.
Is it that the evo is older???
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  #2  Re: Butters  Posted 01/09/2017 @ 14:12
In reply to post #1...
It might of softened up a bit over the years.
I've a proto and a sl. The proto is easier to flex than the sl.
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  #3  Re: Butters  Posted 19/09/2017 @ 08:30
In reply to post #1...
As said, it's all bout the flex.
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