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  Thread Started By:   AlMac   On:   Friday 09/02/2018 @ 22:43 Show Newest First    
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  #1  Boot wear  Posted 09/02/2018 @ 22:43
This may be lunacy. I was riding Glencoe today and when I took my boots of at the car my right boot(I ride regular) had burst at the eyelets and was generally goosed . My left boot is absolutely pristine. No major problem, but it got me thinking that there is probably a goofy rider out there with a pristine right boot and a goosed left boot.
So my amazing idea is boot swappage!
I've been drinking heavily and am now going to bed.
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meth mouth
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  #2  Re: Boot wear  Posted 11/02/2018 @ 17:33
In reply to post #1...
LOL best post in a while!
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