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  Thread Started By:   kingmasi   On:   Friday 21/12/2018 @ 16:18 Show Newest First    
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  #2  Board choice  Posted 21/12/2018 @ 16:18
Hi everyone, help please...... So my life has finally come back to me as my children are now old enough to look after themselves and i can get my life back. (its been some time) Any how booked my fist boarding holls for feb and im so pumped. But heres the crux. Cant afford a new board so its time to dust of the old sticks but im stuck on with one is going to be better for Ax Les Theums. I have a 2001 Ride Zero and a nitro "tactic" ( dont know the name of the board it just has images of what can only be described as "star wars/ space ships " on it. circa around 2010/11/12 ish. Now logic says the newer on will be better but whats the more experienced feelings please. Many thanks
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  #3  Re: Board choice  Posted 23/12/2018 @ 09:24
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I'd take the one with the most dings, as that is obviously your favourite.... oh hang on the one with the pretty graphic that you don't want to scratch up may be a better choice. Or on the other hand if your not paying out for family lift passes you can afford a brand new board anyway.
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  #4  Re: Board choice  Posted 23/12/2018 @ 17:50
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No brainer for me. Take the Ride, and use the Nitro for firewood...
(OK I may be just a tad biased..)

So in all seriousness your question I think is a bit of a non-issue.
- Get both boards waxed before you go
- Get a mini-tool
- Take both boards in your board bag

Then, when in resort, if you fancy changing over board, just unscrew your bindings and pop them on the other stick.
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