Board bag sizing advice

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  Thread Started By:   MarkyB916   On:   Wednesday 11/10/2017 @ 07:35 Show Newest First    
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  #1  Board bag sizing advice  Posted 11/10/2017 @ 07:35
Hi everyone.

New season, new questions.

I currently have a Dakine high roller (165cm I think) which, although excellent I find oversized for my gear especially for long weekend trips etc. I also find that the extra weigh can sometimes make it a tight squeeze on weight

I am thinking of buying a Dakine low roller, but am wondering if I could get away with a 157 cm bag for a 158 cm board. Has anyone done this ?

Thanks in advance.

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  #2  Re: Board bag sizing advice  Posted 11/10/2017 @ 10:41
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I don't these days have any boards longer than 156, but in the "low roller" there seems to be plenty of space for those, so a (nominal) couple of cm probably will be fine. There's one way to find out...
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  #3  Re: Board bag sizing advice  Posted 11/10/2017 @ 10:51
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Go to a shop and try it.........

I'm planning on doing that this weekend.

Thanks for the help.
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  #4  Re: Board bag sizing advice  Posted 15/10/2017 @ 00:48
In reply to post #1...
I use a 165 low roller and usually carry a 162 board. There is a huge amount of room for my board plus lots of cm's more. I would guess you should be fine.

As the chap above said, go to a store and try it out if you are not sure. If your finding a high roller a tight squeeze on weight maybe take a look at what you are packing and think, "do I really need that?". My weeks gear in a low roller generally comes in around 16kg
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  #6  Re: Board bag sizing advice  Posted 15/10/2017 @ 11:41
In reply to post #4...
I’m about the same weight for a week, not much more for 2 tbh.
I usually stuff as much of my important riding kit (jacket pants goggles etc) in a back pack and carry that on. (Had my board disappear for 3 days once, easy to hire board, boots and bindings). The rest goes in my bag.
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  #7  Re: Board bag sizing advice  Posted 16/10/2017 @ 07:52
In reply to post #6...
I usually come in slightly under weight (about 18 Kgs) as I cram a lot more in such as pants, body armour, helmet etc. In my backpack I carry high value items such as GoPro, googles etc.

However, that doesn't leave much leeway for if I want to bring something back or , as sometimes happens carry someone else's gear.

The other reason I'm thinking of a shorter low roller (apart from the weight saving) is to try and pack the bag out as much as possible for easier handling. My current high roller is usually only about half full. What this means is that the bag is difficult to carry sometimes due to flex. Having carried someone else's low roller (fuller packed) it was a lot more manageable.

I'm going to check one out in a local store and see how things go.

Thanks for all the comments so far.
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  #8  Re: Board bag sizing advice  Posted 25/10/2017 @ 07:18
Just a quick update.

I decided to risk it and ordered a 157cm Low Roller from Snowtrax which arrived super quick (thanks guys).

Happy to say my 158cm board fits with room to spare. The bag's not as feature rich as the High Roller but then it's a fraction of the price. Still the same high quality though. I can fit all my gear in it other than my helmet (due to the lower height) but not a problem as I can carry that with my hand luggage. The shorter length also makes it easier to fit into my car too.

My only dislikes are the internal boot bag and outer compartment. I prefer being able to put my boots in the outer compartment which you cant do with this, also the outer compartment only has a single zip tag which means you can't lock it (so no valuables in there then).

As I say, these are small issues and otherwise I'm very happy with the purchase.

Thanks for all the advice.

See you on the mountain !
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