Bindings too big? Please help!

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  Thread Started By:   k_o16   On:   Wednesday 13/02/2019 @ 11:05 Show Newest First    
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  #1  Bindings too big? Please help!  Posted 13/02/2019 @ 11:05
Hello all I’ve just bought the union falcor bindings in large to fit a yes pick your line 162 (board width 25.5cm). I have two concerns, the main one being that the binding is too big for my boot and the other is whether it is too big for my board.

My boots are Adidas tactical adv size 10(uk) and these do appear to be low profile compared to some other boots of same size.

My main concern is that footbed is too big for the boots - can anyone advise based on the pictures on the following link?

You will see that there is hardly any toe overhang from the foot bed and is at the smallest adjustment to the heel cup. Does this seem acceptable? I’m just unsure as my previous Rome katana bindings has a much smaller foot bed so there was a bit more overhang on toe and heel edge.

As for the board, when screwed in, the baseplate of the bindings fits all the way to the edges of the top sheet and then the foot bed marginally hangs over the edge as it’s like 1-2 mm longer at the top compared to baseplate.

Would I be better off looking at another binding or is the binding fine and should I swap the board out for the 160w which has a 26cm width

Thanks for any input your have on this!
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  #2  Re: Bindings too big? Please help!  Posted 14/02/2019 @ 22:44
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Hi, it’s all a bit of a balancing act. The multitude of boot and binding shapes mean that some fit together better than others. You really need to take a boot with you when you buy bindings. You want a snug fit but no tightness otherwise it can be hard to get the heel of the boot all the way into the heel cup. Is the medium size too tight ? I would think a size 10 boot would normally fit a large binding. Perhaps some other brands would be a better fit ? Just looking at the pics - it looks like your boots are very minimalistic profile and perhaps a tad small for the binding. Like I said, the test is to try a medium binding.

As for binding to board - that looks ok. I just looked at my bindings - I’m 10.5 uk and stick to a standard width board. My bindings reach both sides of the board like yours. I don’t want to move to a wide board.
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  #3  Re: Bindings too big? Please help!  Posted 16/03/2019 @ 12:25
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Sorry late reply but I've got some input. From my experience the really fine margins are not worth worrying about as different manufacturers will give different size ranges for different items. You pic looks normal. I've had boards with so much overhang I've been forced to run a duck foot setup or it would overhang too much (Stepchild Jibstick 153 for example). Likewise my current board (Capita DOA 156) is more generously sized and doesn't have much overhang unless the bindings are more or less at 0 degrees.

I've been using Union Contact Pros for a few years, Large size. Their recommended range is UK size 9 + for L. My boot size differs a lot between boots. My old Thirtytwo Lashed were UK10. My current Northwave Decade boots are UK8.5. The overhang on the Northwave boots is similar to what you have in your pic. There's no difference in performance or function using a size slightly lower than the stated size range.

Just ride it and adjust your bindings to suit. As long as your boots fit your feet correctly and you aren't digging your heels or toes in the snow when you turn you won't notice any difference
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