Bindings: Burton Custom vs K2 Indy

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  Thread Started By:   santahul   On:   Wednesday 22/03/2017 @ 22:36 Show Newest First    
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  #2  Bindings: Burton Custom vs K2 Indy  Posted 22/03/2017 @ 22:36
Hi I'm just buying my first board set up and I already have a Burton Clash. I'm looking for bindings now and I'm after something that will help me develop. Probably going to get the Burton Customs but only because I can't find reviews for anything else. Was also looking at the K2 Indy's but can't find a review since like 2010. Anybody got any opinions?
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  #3  Re: Bindings: Burton Custom vs K2 Indy  Posted 25/03/2017 @ 07:24
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im waiting to see what these are like....
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  #4  Re: Bindings: Burton Custom vs K2 Indy  Posted 25/03/2017 @ 17:23
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You might want to consider that you can get parts for the customs anywhere but not easily in resort for the K2.
Reviews are not conclusive often a waste of time the custom binding has been around for longer than many who snowboard and write the reviews.
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  #5  Re: Bindings: Burton Custom vs K2 Indy  Posted 28/03/2017 @ 08:41
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Dont know how much difference it makes but, if you get Burton EST style bindings they may work alot better then other brands as Burton has its own "channel system" on all their boards, so their bindings work best
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