Best board for carving/ charging hard

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  Thread Started By:   Tom35   On:   Sunday 20/05/2018 @ 14:20 Show Newest First    
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  #2  Best board for carving/ charging hard  Posted 20/05/2018 @ 14:20
Morning all, i’m After some advice/ opinions

I currently ride a 2015 skate banana and I’m looking at getting a second board, something that’s a lot more focused on charging and carving rather than being super loose and forgiving. I’ve been boarding for 15 years and would consider myself a pretty standard intermediate rider

Boards I like the look of are :

Rome reverb rocker,
Lib tech t rice pro
Nitro mountain
Dc mega

I know everyone has different opinions etc but any advice or personal experience of the boards would be cool, cheers
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  #3  Re: Best board for carving/ charging hard  Posted 22/05/2018 @ 18:25
In reply to post #2...
I went down that route a few years ago with a Rome anthem.
Thought fcuk that after a week and sold it! Too much hard work!
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  #4  Re: Best board for carving/ charging hard  Posted 23/05/2018 @ 09:33
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Yeah I did wonder if i’d Think the same, especially seeing as I ride a very forgiving board at the minute, but i’d just like to try a stiffer board to see, I might just bite the bullet and try one, I could always flog it on if I didn’t like it like you did
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  #5  Re: Best board for carving/ charging hard  Posted 23/05/2018 @ 20:00
In reply to post #4...
I would just rent a few different boards and pick the one which works. The skate things are pretty much at one extreme - how well you get on with other stuff probably depends what you mean by "intermediate".

I rode one of the T Rice Pro boards the other year and that wasn't bad. From memory it was a "true twin", so not optimal for deep powder, but not bad.

They have a large range of sizes for those (like about 10) which is an excellent thing, although you do need to get that right. Lib doesn't specify weight ranges narrowly enough to do it from the specs. I don't think they're particularly consistent year on year either.
-> You have to ride them to get the right size.

If you actually want to carve then I'd not start with Lib though, who in my humble opinion are more park focused. You would probably find a cambered wide board more useful. Check out the companies promoting that sort of riding for what works.
powder mountain   Facts about snowboarding safety
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  #6  Re: Best board for carving/ charging hard  Posted 14/08/2018 @ 07:29
In reply to post #2...
Good morning.

Having checked the last post, and also upon just checking my profile seeing the last board year is 15/16, I may be posting on a week dead and useless thread - carefully wasting my time to air my thoughts on a discussion no one reads or is interested in.

That being said, here is my two cents

I am surprised to see no mention of the Jones Flagship here - the TRice Pro is popular (and the pro is actually directional - though they do now produce a few, which is confusing) and though there are pros and cons to every board, in my opinion the Flagship is excellent in more areas than other boards I have owned or tested.

It is a lovely floater and you can grab as much powder as you like, from sugar dusted to waist deep dream-days. It turns beautifully and can handle as much speed as you can
On the piste it carves like a daddy, it guns, it makes any run a test of how fast can you dare go.

It is currently my all time favourite one board set up, and as such my others have been gathering dust throughout last year.
We will see what happens this year!!!
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  #7  Re: Best board for carving/ charging hard  Posted today at 10:46
In reply to post #6...
Hi - the site was down for a couple of months and is very quiet at the moment. But thanks for the posting. “What board does everything” or “should Inbuy an X or a Y” is one of the most common questions. 20 yrs ago it was a bit easier to answer but there are so many boards out there now that it’s very hard to get a view on the whole spectrum available.

Hopefully a few people,will,get back on here as the season approaches.
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