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  Thread Started By:   Shmuco   On:   Tuesday 28/11/2017 @ 11:53 Show Newest First    
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UK - Wales
  #1  Beginner Snowboard  Posted 28/11/2017 @ 11:53
Hello all!

So I’m looking to travel to Europe to learn to snowboard.
It’s been suggested to go to Zakopane in Poland.
Dose anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?
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  #2  Re: Beginner Snowboard  Posted 28/11/2017 @ 13:49
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Poland is an "interesting" place to snowboard. It's cheap as chips for starters and the slopes are generally open late into the evening, like 10pm or something.

You can hire equipment for next to nothing and can hire it by the hour. The quality of equipment varies from absolute trash to average hire boards, there are lots of hire places right next to the hill.

When it comes to lift passes, again these are pretty cheap and you can purchase them either by the hour or for a number of lift rides, e.g, you can purchase 4lift rides if you only want to slide down the hill 4 times. Lift passes are usually electronic and you get cash back for dropping your pass back in the office when you are done.

The areas are quite small compared to western Europe but plenty big enough for a beginner.

If I were you I'd learn in the UK before you go, then you can make better use of your slope time while you are there.

I have a Polish partner so we went across that way a few years back to spend new year in the mountains with some Polish friends. We hired gear and rode for a couple of days. I wouldn't be rushing back there but if I was in the area I'd stop off for a slide.
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  #3  Re: Beginner Snowboard  Posted 12/02/2018 @ 19:36
In reply to post #1...
I definitely recommend Switzerland...was a thrill to ride there.
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