Beginner Board Selection - Again Probably....Sorry!

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  Thread Started By:   OllietheOx   On:   Friday 23/03/2018 @ 08:22 Show Newest First    
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  #2  Beginner Board Selection - Again Probably....Sorry!  Posted 23/03/2018 @ 08:22
At 40 years old, I finally took my first boarding holiday to Bansko. Bought my own gear at reasonably cheap prices as I didn't know how I was going to get on. Now I'm hooked, I want to get a better board.
I'm 6'2, 19st and a UK13 shoe. What do you guys recommend as everyone's opinions seem to conflict.

I currently have one of those matrix boards off eBay, 167w style (or something) along with the mag bindings to suit my clown shoes. Just bought a set of Flow Fives to go with the new board.

I have been eyeing up the following:-
Burton Ripcord 162w
K2 Standard 163w
Rossignol Templar 162w?
Skate Banana (Although I've been advised against this).

Thanks in advance for any advice given.

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  #3  Re: Beginner Board Selection - Again Probably....Sorry!  Posted 23/03/2018 @ 20:02
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In reply to post #2...
What do you guys recommend as everyone's opinions seem to conflict.

It's not that opinions conflict.. more that everyone is different. We are all different heights, weights, have varied abilities and are interested in boarding in different ways once strapped to a plank.

So with that in mind, it's almost impossible to advise over the internet.

You should go to a (local if possible) slope where they can let you hire gear or demo new boards. Get chatting to other folk there and see what they are riding, what their opinions are - as they can see you riding, and you can see what they are doing too.

Ultimately only you yourself can find a board that you really like. It's all down to how it feels, not numbers printed on it, or brand name / logos / graphics / base colours.
For Sale:
- HangTime Snowboard Wall Mounts in black or white colours. £25 including UK postage. Just send me a message, or see the classifieds section!
- Giro Basis Goggles (White frame, black strap, gold flowers design, gold / amber lens) £75. See the classifieds section for photos!
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meth mouth
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  #4  Re: Beginner Board Selection - Again Probably....Sorry!  Posted 25/03/2018 @ 10:21
In reply to post #2...
I would have thought you would need to go bigger than 162/3 but definitely wide. The choice would be down to what you want to do on the mountain. All mountain boards ride bigger than freestyle boards but not as big as freeride (which is too early for you). If you don't want to go in the park (painful learning curve) then an all mountain board is the way to go and go with recommended rider weights. 19st is 123kg so ideally you would want to land in the middle but a shorter board would be easier to maneuver where a longer one more stable. I would resist the sales atm and buy the right board for you at your ability, and buy it once not twice!
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  #5  Re: Beginner Board Selection - Again Probably....Sorry!  Posted 08/04/2018 @ 10:36
In reply to post #4...
dont got for a skate banana.
due to the profile, the camber in the middle will eventually slow down your progress.
Basically, its easy to learn on because of the camber, but as you progress & you need to learn technique, the camber hinders you... Once you learn the technique you can quite happily go back to it for fun!
The middle is always in contact with the snow.. so it can be like riding front foot middle & then middle backfoot. Its a nightmare when you at the point of being front foot/back foot manoeuvres, as you also have to account for the middle... So you will prob end up over turning your toeside turns.

As for boards... Rossignol One LF, NeverSummer West, Jones Mountain Twin, Yes Basic are all prob worth looking at as well.
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