Bad days riding

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  Thread Started By:   luketwin   On:   Friday 25/08/2017 @ 00:19 Show Newest First    
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  #1  Bad days riding  Posted 25/08/2017 @ 00:19
Hi guys

Just wondering if people ever have days when riding just feels off

On my 4th season (in nz for the season) so I know how to ride, but today and yesterday where so bad. I felt like I couldn't even ride, everything felt off even simple turns. I can usually throw 3s all day and even started to learn hardway 3s. Conditions where like spring and I wasn't too tired

Not the first time I've felt like this. Anyone else had days like this, so frustrating ??
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  #2  Re: Bad days riding  Posted 24/09/2017 @ 19:16
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It happens, just like anything really. Then I turn to my oldest and most trusted board and normally I get it back again.

The only other time was after a bad head cold that left me with an inbalance in my hearing which I didn't realise I had, which upset my overall balance and co-ordination. I got over it eventually and even now my balance is not as it was.

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  #3  Re: Bad days riding  Posted 27/09/2017 @ 09:43
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Usually if I've other sh#t on my mind. Plus you said frustrating..the only thing I can think off is when I'm surfing (trying to surf), once you get pee'd off, it's hard to focus.

But that's the goal, focus, and to do this, I suggest going back to basics and concentrating on one perhaps a back 1. Get them nailed, get your confidence back! If you can recognise this early...then hopefully it's not a bad day.

Just my 2 pennies.
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