Are my boots ok for me ?

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  Thread Started By:   matty_278   On:   Sunday 26/11/2017 @ 21:25 Show Newest First    
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  #1  Are my boots ok for me ?  Posted 26/11/2017 @ 21:25
Hi all, beginner here

So last season I bought some burton ruler boots fitted in a shop being new I just took the boots the lady sized up for me and went on my way.

Got to the mountains and the boots were lovely to ride in but gave me pure pain and kind of ruined the snowboarding part of the holiday for me

So today I go to the shop again and go to exchange them for a different fitting boot, I have flat and a wide square toe area so a wide fit boot would be a nessesity, we came to the conclusion that none of the boots were a perfect fit but the best ones there were a pair of northeave edge boots, now in the snug size they felt way too tight on the top of my foot so went for a larger size but my toes don’t touch the end of the boot must be about a 1.5 cm gap, but the boots feel relatively comfy, is this ok just wanted some advice ?
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  #2  Re: Are my boots ok for me ?  Posted 27/11/2017 @ 07:23
In reply to post #1...
I'm amazed that the shop would let you exchange them after riding them for a season....

How long (in days) did you ride in them.

I can only speak from personal experience but the general advice is to get as snug a fit as you can with your toes brushing (but not squashed up against) the front of the boot.

My first boots were like this and my feet would kill me at the end of the day. However after a few trips the liners packed out to the point that when I bought a new pair I went a further size down. These again, were incredibly snug but this time round I went through a full fitting process including heat moulding and replacing the insoles. I also wear a very thin sock.

I tend to find that the standard insoles in most boots are too thick so I fit a thin one to start with and possibly fit a thicker one once the boot has packed down a bit. This would alleviate the problem with them feeling tight on top of the foot.

I cant give any advice on best boots for a wide foot (mine are fairly standard) but I would definitely say a 1.5 cm gap is a no-no. Your foot will end up sliding forward and back. So not only will you lose some control and sensitivity on the board, you'll feet will suffer as a result of all the rubbing.

Remember, you'll be in these things all day and poorly fitting boots can ruin an otherwise fantastic day so I would advise spending as much time as you can in different shops trying as many different makes and models of boots until you find one you like. Get them professionally fitted and you won't regret it.

As I say this is just from my own experience so happy to hear others opinions.

Hope this helps.

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  #3  Re: Are my boots ok for me ?  Posted 27/11/2017 @ 07:50
In reply to post #2...
Yes it was very good of the shop to exchange them for me as I thought it would be a no go, but I got there within a year of buying them

I did about 12 days of riding in them as I thought the pain was normal for a few days but it persisted till the end of the holiday

The boots pain was so bad I ended up sitting on the side of a mountain half the time

I hear what you are saying about the 1.5cm gap I did think the same thing, the gutters in the shop were snowboarders themselves and after spending about 2 hours in there and trying on about 5 different boots then said the only option is to go for the northwaves in a half size bigger as that was the only way I could get away with out the massive pressure on the top of my foot ?

Thank you for the reply

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  #4  Re: Are my boots ok for me ?  Posted 27/11/2017 @ 11:03
In reply to post #3...
Fair enough.

I did have a pair of boots that were too big for me when I very first started and admittedly they were fine for a season but by the time I replaced them they were starting to feel too loose. You should be OK with yours at first but I suspect you may need to change them at some point.

With my current boots it took a full season before they felt fully comfortable but it never got bad enough that I end up sitting at the side of the mountain in pain.

Only other advise I can offer is to keep looking and trying. Go to different shops and try as many different boots as you can. I have experienced degrees of service ranging from them saying everything was OK/normal just to sell a pair of boots to Having a guy happy to spend a good couple of hours making sure everything was good (fit/comfort etc.) and giving really sound advice.

Re: the pain at the top of the foot. Did you try different insoles?

That's about all I can offer. Hopefully some others might chip in with useful advice/recommendations.

Good Luck.
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  #5  Re: Are my boots ok for me ?  Posted 28/11/2017 @ 13:57
In reply to post #1...
Have you considered how tight your bindings are? A common beginner mistake is really cranking down the bindings far too tightly which cuts off blood flow and causes massive foot pain, particularly if the toe strap is over tightened. Bindings really don't need to be tight, just nicely snug so as to hold your boot, not clamp your foot
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