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  Thread Started By:   caprilaw   On:   Tuesday 22/12/2009 @ 12:55 Show Newest First    
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  #1  Antero Snowboarding Company - Design your own boards  Posted 22/12/2009 @ 12:55
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Found this company on the web ( - they seem to provide a good range of boards and its even better that you can customise it.

Anybody ridden/used/heard anything about them before?

ANY info useful! Cheers
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  #2  Re: Antero Snowboarding Company - Design your own boards  Posted 22/12/2009 @ 15:20
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Hello Mate

I have not ridden one of these yet, but if you want a snowboard that rides like a dream and have it customised, I recommend True Snowboards and in particular the True Expression Board, then True will custom make the top sheet of your dreams for £75 (Bargain)

hope that helps
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  #3  Re: Antero Snowboarding Company - Design your own boards  Posted 22/12/2009 @ 15:48
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You're talking about custom graphics, which isn't actually a custom board design, if you see what I mean, it's just a pain job. I suppose some people care about board graphics, but they don't affect the way the thing rides.

Any small board manufacturer will build you a custom board, but unless you know what you're doing it's not clever as you can hardly test ride a custom.
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  #4  Re: Antero Snowboarding Company - Design your own boards  Posted 24/12/2009 @ 08:29
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hey caprilaw, I am part of the Antero Team. We are a group of riders spread all over the earth pretty much now that have recently decided to do something a bit differently than other board co's do things. We have been live on line since December 2nd and thus have not had a lot of "public" testing of our decks. In fact only yesterday I understand that our first official new owner of an Antero picked it up personally from the Factory it is produced in in Austria. Very Cool! We can understand the slow growth as most riders want to hold, touch, lick and hug a deck before dropping their cash on it. That is understandable so we are not stressing it. A real positive is that we are daily increasing our registered user number on the site by between 150-220 users in the last 2 weeks. Clearly there is a desire to "self design" your own board topsheet graphic. We knew this as we have all stickered or stenciled things on our own decks forever.

All I can tell you about the quality of the boards is that we are being produced in Austria at a killer factory; no Chinese quality level product here. The boards are all built on the most modern ideas regarding shapes, radius, cambers, flexes, etc. Some are full woodcore and some are "jib core" scientifically developed composite core that combine wood particles and the bonding agents. These are amazing fun to jib and park ride. Forgiving but never loosing their pop and hold on take offs and landings. We have 7 models. 4 Mens and 3 Womens. 2 Mens positive camber and 2 negative camber. 2 Womens positive and 1 negative. What more can I say, the boards are top notch quality. The price for a board is real good also. We are saving all the costs that are used for paying distributions, sales kids in the shops, etc. You have to pay all that normally. With Antero you save that dude. 319 euros, semi self designed topsheet graphic, full wood core, solid construction, best shaping, perfect stance pattern, it's just a solid deck. This would cost you at least 449. euro in any shop.

Hope I have answered your questions. If you have more send me an
email to

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  #5  Re: Antero Snowboarding Company - Design your own boards  Posted 21/01/2010 @ 13:54
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Hey guys, I ordered a board from Antero with a custom topdeck design I'd done myself. These guys were really good; they helped with every stage of the process and were by far the best priced custom-designed boards out there. Even though the price is good, the quality is still excellent. They do this by skipping out the middle man so that you by the board straight from them; the manufacturer. It only takes 2 weeks for the board to be manufactured and delivered to your door and there are loads of different options for customization. I also looked into using True Snowboards but they seemed really slow, and didn't get their act together (only one size of board in and were unsure when new boards were going to be delivered...)

I would definitely recommend Antero Snowboarding to anyone looking to design their own custom snowboard.

A link to my design is:
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