alitude sickness

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  #1  alitude sickness  Posted 03/04/2018 @ 11:32
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My brother suffers terebly from alitude sickeness on our last holidy he only got out on the first and last day he has problems from 1,300 m+ mabey a bit below obviously he want's to continue to go out and ski and bord but the alitude reall knocks him out. Dose anyone have any way to help him.

I was thinking a high iron diet may help.

My dad is considering climbing Oxygen.

I was wondering if anyone else had any other ideas?

otherwise we are tide to lower resorts and they are not snow shoure.
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  #2  Re: alitude sickness  Posted 03/04/2018 @ 15:50
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Firstly are you sure this is altitude sickness?

1300m is incredibly low for altitude sickness. It usually happens above 3000m and takes between 6 and 24 hours to happen. A good way to lessen the chances of it happening is to acclimatise slowly but if it starts at 1300m it hardly seems worth spending a day at 500m?

Oxygen at only 1300m seems extreme and may only mask an alternative problem.

As I said at only1300m I find it hard to believe its A.S. and a trip to the docs may be in order to get it checked out just in case there are other factors.

I hope your brother gets it sorted so he can enjoy the mountains.
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  #3  Re: alitude sickness  Posted 03/04/2018 @ 16:20
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we are looking in to it we have changed his diat and takeen him off these pills that were making him ill (Omprozol) we are taking him to this Hotel in Spain this Summer up in the Sierra Nevada mountins for 2 nights and see what happens.

If that goes badly we may have to put him on a sleep study to see if he has is retaining CO2 or somthing. The problem with this is that hospidels are hard to sleep in and anxiety(the tyep that everyone gets) can makeyou retain CO2 (i have looked in to this) so oftan you can get a bad reading from that.
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