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  #1  advice pls!!  Posted 21/02/2013 @ 16:23
after hiring boards for first few trips i picked up snowboarding real quick and was blasting around no probs i then bought a k2 darkstar thinking i was ready to own a board tho once on board i felt nervous not so happy! My question is: Is the board to progressive for me? should i go back to softer intermediate board or tuff it out?

many thanks for any input
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  #2  Re: advice pls!!  Posted 21/02/2013 @ 16:35
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Well bear in mind a few things to consider before making a decision. Like, new boards can take some getting used to, especially if its a lot stiffer than previous boards you've rode as they work your muscles a bit harder than softer ones. How long have you rode it so far? On the other hand you don't want to be riding a board that does'nt suit you right. Also, what size is it compared to previous boards you have used?
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  #3  Re: advice pls!!  Posted 21/02/2013 @ 18:57
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If you've bought a new board (as opposed to a second hand board) it's likely going to take a few days to break into its natural flex – our boards take about 2-3 days so bear that in mind.

I think no matter what standard you're at some certain people and certain boards don't gel immediately. I've been riding reverse/hybrid camber boards for about 4 years now, went back to a traditional camber board board and struggled for the first day, just a case of being used to something different.

So I wouldn't give up on it right now. There's a school of thought that says you should buy a board for exactly the standard you're at at the time you buy it. I'm not totally convinced by that due to me own experience. There's obviously boards that will be way to advanced for beginners but getting something that will help see you through a bit of progressions isn't a bad idea imo.

Obviously that depends on the exact rider/board combo but good luck with your Darkstar.

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  #4  Re: advice pls!!  Posted 22/02/2013 @ 00:58
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The darkstar is a great all-mountain board. It is not too stiff and pretty suited to intermediate riding I would say - stick with it.

I don't think its a current model so I'm guessing you bought old stock or second hand.

I'm currently riding my Darkstar at Big White in Canada. It is great for piste and powder and going through the trees. There are more suitable boards for the park though.
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  #5  Re: advice pls!!  Posted 22/02/2013 @ 12:36
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thanks for replays!
there is so much science talk about boards.
I think your all wright its stiffer than I'm usto as only been on it for 10 days in total.
So bit twitchy,
i do understand that it takes a while to get to know a board?
But when i get one week a year to blast around jus hitting the slopes sum off piste
which i love!! No Park or rails.
My first two boarding trips on hired boards, a friend who is a well seasoned boarder
said he was amazed that my first ever run a Red i smashed i was hooked! fun fun fun
Last year on New board was a hole new ball game catching edges it was all quite hard work

onwards & downwards
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  #6  Re: advice pls!!  Posted 22/02/2013 @ 22:47
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Catching edges? Get your hands on a tbt board or one with camrock.
quick, go for it now...before your brain catches up with your balls!!
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  #7  Re: advice pls!!  Posted 24/02/2013 @ 22:45
In reply to post #6...
If you're catching your edges that's a technique problem, not a gear problem.

Your weight's in the wrong place, you need to learn where it has to be to ride the board. You can't really avoid the learning process (some people actually enjoy it). Take a lesson or two.

Or by more gear - the industry needs your support. Although if you're riding with your hands on your board then you definitely need to take a few lessons.
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