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  Thread Started By:   vestax32   On:   Tuesday 29/08/2017 @ 14:28 Show Newest First    
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  #1  Advice please!  Posted 29/08/2017 @ 14:28
Hi everyone, just joined the forum, but not new to boarding. I have been boarding for a few years, and have been away five times on proper boarding holidays. I would say I'm at the early intermediate stages of skill level, meaning I'm pretty confident riding round the mountain, but not as fast as I would like to be, not interested in doing tricks etc, just want to become a bit faster and more confident. Can't ride switch but would like to learn, but certainly not a priority.

So the last two times I have been away I felt like I had hit a brick wall with skill level and became somewhat dissalusioned, decided to pack it in and learn how to ski on my next trip. Now a few months on I'm starting to think I want to stick with boarding and try to improve. So I have gotten rid of my previous set up and want to get new board/bindings/boots for my next trip in January, as I felt I never had the correct set up.

So my question is, which board/bindings/boots would people be going for in my position, bearing in mind I'm at advanced beginner/early intermediate stage and am not interested in tricks etc, just want to confidently ride on piste. There seems to be more tech since I last researched years ago, with rocker, camber etc.

Thanks in advance!
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  #2  Re: Advice please!  Posted 29/08/2017 @ 17:02
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You're probably not going to like it, but...

Probably lessons would be the best thing to spend money on, if you want to progress quickly. Gear doesn't make that much difference, especially if you don't know what you like (we certainly don't, we've not seen you ride...).

The best way to find out what works for you is... to rent it. Better still, take your instructor into the rental shop with you and get her to help you pick a board or two to try.

If you just buy some stuff on spec then it may or may not work for you, and you really need to know which before you spend the cash.
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  #3  Re: Advice please!  Posted 29/08/2017 @ 18:15
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Thanks, I have had a couple of private lessons when in Morzine, I think my technique is probably ok, just thinking I would like some gear to help me along....
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  #4  Re: Advice please!  Posted 30/08/2017 @ 12:05
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You're doing what most beginner snowboarders do, think you're an intermediate and buy gear to match blaming current setup for not progressing. 5 weeks isn't intermediate. I haven't seen you ride but I'm pretty sure hence "So the last two times I have been away I felt like I had hit a brick wall with skill level and became somewhat dissalusioned,"

Get yourself a proper fitting pair of boots and spend money on lessons.
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  #5  Re: Advice please!  Posted 01/09/2017 @ 14:07
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Both meth and Phil unfortunately speak sense.
I've been snowboarding for 20 years plus and still have a lesson or 2 when I'm away.
That's after about 4/5 weeks of tuition in total. Some for a full week, some a couple of hours.

Get in touch with Ash at Snowboardcoach and book on a riding week this winter in Andorra.
It'll be better than wasting money on new kit you probably don't need.
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