Advice please - fall and needing to get my balls back

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  Thread Started By:   benmc   On:   Friday 14/12/2018 @ 09:48 Show Newest First    
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  #2  Advice please - fall and needing to get my balls back  Posted 14/12/2018 @ 09:48

Hoping a few of you can help me out if possible? Back in 2017 I had a fall on a holiday where I almost snapped my wrist, ( i was lucky). Since I have found once i get up to any speed I seem to s*** a brick and panic about going on my toe edge again at speed.

I do still push on toe edge but like i say i panic.

2018 I went back on holiday and felt more confident but again my pals were flying past due to me s****** myself with speed wobble etc.

I fell a fair few times becaus eof pushing too much on my toe edge and the wrist thing was in my mind each time.

Now i cant go on holiday 2019 but instead of staying stale and i feel i have hit a limit where i need more lessons to improve, i want to start doing more lessons again.

I learned originally on a dry slope but now have the option of either leeds or manchester indoor slopes.

I have noticed manchester has more lessons available in the grandscheme of things but unsure which would be the correct route. Can anyone advise their experiences at leeds or manchester.

The best way for me to explain my level is i can ride blue and some red routes confidently. I limit myself with the whole toe edge issue and this has caused me to have a lack of speed also.

Can anyone recommend the best place for further lessons in UK?

or any further advice


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  #3  Re: Advice please - fall and needing to get my balls back  Posted 14/12/2018 @ 10:01
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Hi Ben.

Speed can be good but control is what stops you from "almost snapping your wrist".
The 2 go hand in hand, if you're going too fast, you're out of control.
Don't worry about how fast your mates are going, think about how fast you're comfortable with, you'll enjoy yourself alot more!

Speed on flat sections is sometimes necessary, I've snowboarded since about 94 and still hate flat sections!

Both Leeds and Machester will offer decent lessons. Also have a look at Snowboardcoach and see if they are doing any day courses.
Tell the instuctor your issues and they should give you some drills to work on.
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  #4  Re: Advice please - fall and needing to get my balls back  Posted 15/12/2018 @ 11:52
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Sounds like it's a matter of technique. Scared of going onto the toe edge and catching it and being thrown onto the wrist.

Rotaional turns are the curse of dryslope riding.

Get into carving your turns instead, using weigthing and unweighting to initiate turns rather than rotation.

Get some lessons or coaching but lookup carving and how to carve videos on youtube
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