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  Thread Started By:   crackup   On:   Saturday 10/02/2018 @ 18:50 Show Newest First    
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  #1  Advice on equipment  Posted 10/02/2018 @ 18:50
I have not bought any equipment since 2010.

Curently have some old 2010 flow bindings that i plan to replace with new flow nx2 bindings.

My current board is a palmer honeycomb from 2010 ish. It has approx 18 half days riding since then. Few minor scratches but seems ok. It was 500 quid and supposed to be lightest ever at the time.

Has the technology in boards moved on much since 2010? I notice freeride boards now go into a point or have a series of flat edges at the nose and tail.

I only free ride on piste. I consider myself nothing more than intermidiate. I struggle putting in turns when its mogglie or very icy but i can make reasonable progress. I dont need high speed stability because i always bottle it at 20mph and put a turn in. But i would love a board that will help me initiate turns easier and hold a good edge. What would anyone suggest? A guy in a shop in Austria started to try and sell me a v rocker a few years ago.

BURTON SKELETON KEY is an example i found of generic free ride board. Will it offer me anything over a 2010 palmer honeycomb?
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  #2  Re: Advice on equipment  Posted 17/02/2018 @ 21:30
In reply to post #1...
The big difference is the range of camber profiles on offer now days.

The honeycomb was a amazing board. I rode one for a few days back in mid 00's Did the 2010 have flf rocker?

If not - then you might benefit from something with a bit of rocker in it. Trad camber (relative to a profile with some rocker in it) requires better technique as it locks you into the turn a bit more i.e. it wants you to finish the last turn before making the next one.

From hardest to easiest - very very generally speaking is something like:
Trad Camber, Rocker-Camber-Rocker, Rocker-Flat-Rocker, Camber-Rocker-Camber, Full Rocker.

Manufactures are starting to talk more about different levels of torsional stiffness too. Always used to be a part of the design but you never heard about it until recently.

A lot of the freeriding boards in the last couple of years is going 'backseat camber' i.e. rocker in the nose and camber under the back foot. Makes sense to me. Burton calls it 'Directional Camber' which is what the SK has.

Here is a good current thread.
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  #3  Re: Advice on equipment  Posted yesterday at 21:19
Strangely asked almost the same question as this in another forum this Morning (my set up is 2008) and to a man the replies i got was... Your good to go.. Wood is wood - snow is snow - if it was good then.. It's still good now

I do NOT fear Death - I fear not small people with very large hands!
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