207 lbs, 6,2 feet - Snowboard size?

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  Thread Started By:   rjko90@gmail.co   On:   Thursday 30/11/2017 @ 22:40 Show Newest First    
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  #2  207 lbs, 6,2 feet - Snowboard size?  Posted 30/11/2017 @ 22:40
I'm currently looking to buy a new board for the upcoming season, as my '10 Skate Banana is becoming a bit weathered. It seems to me that my foot size and weight makes me fall into an awkward spot in regard to board sizes.

The Skate Banana I've been riding is a 159w, but as my shoes are only 11(US)/10(UK), they should do alright on a non-wide board, which I guess would then be more optimal. Can anyone offer me some solid advice on either size in general or a specific board?

I've been happy with my Skate Banana, but I feel like I might wanna try something a bit more aggresive, though I would still want an all-mountain board that is able to jib decently. Thing is most boards of that type only goes up to 159cm. I've looked a bit at either the Bataleon Evil Twin (159w) or the Bataleon Goliath (161w), but as I said, I think wide might be more of a con than a pro with my shoesize, though possibly necessary due to my weight.

Any advice is welcome!
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  #3  Re: 207 lbs, 6,2 feet - Snowboard size?  Posted 02/12/2017 @ 09:49
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So are you spot on a UK10, or could you squeeze a 9.5 for example? I also take a 10 in most shoes but my snow boots are a 9.5. I find it gives a little more edge to play with, especially if you wear boots with volume reduction like most modern brands have now.

As for board sizing, I'm 83kg (not sure on the lbs) and 6,3feet. I have both wide and standard boards. My favourite is my standard width YES - GDOH from about 6years ago in 162 length. I just really love how it handles, but I do occasionally wish I had a little more edge to lay down. I ride it with 15/15 angles and about 24" width between the bindings. It doesn't in any way hold back my riding by it being a standard width.

If you pick up a standard width board try get something with as wide a waist width as possible, and go larger in length as well, that should give you more to play with. Your weight puts you around a 164 length, but boards differ by manufacturer and intended purpose. Check the specs before you buy.

Have you considered a jones mountain twin? Great, all mountain cruiser. YES do some great boards too, the pyl and optimistic for example both come slightly wider in the waist without being an actual wide board
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  #4  Re: 207 lbs, 6,2 feet - Snowboard size?  Posted 02/12/2017 @ 21:00
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I would say your whole setup is due for review. Start with the boots. As barry mentioned many new boots have a reduced footprint so a 10 would in fact be a 9-9.5 - well within the standard width snowboards. Then find bindings to fit your boots and riding style then the board. You dont say how much experience you have and what you do. We know at least you have 7 weeks riding if you take a week a year on the slopes but it could also mean you've done 7 seasons so very big difference and difficult to recommend a board atm.
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  #5  Re: 207 lbs, 6,2 feet - Snowboard size?  Posted 05/12/2017 @ 16:30
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Lib are terrible on weight ranges for their boards, but they also have a large range of sizes, because getting the size right matters. The result is that you just have to try them. I've not ridden that model, but their more advanced stuff rides slightly shorter than Burton, for example (the advanced boards are a little stiffer than the Burton equivalents). The Skate stuff is not aimed at that market however.

Their recommended weight for your board, this year's model, would be "80lbs+".

I would say that although those are novice boards, you should start on the biggest of the range. It depends what you want to do though.
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