Nate Kern Questionnaire - January 2010

Posted on Monday 1st February, 2010 Times Viewed: 5218
Following the great response from you guys on our Nate Kern blog last year we decided to track him back down for an interview. Nate has proved to be rather illusive as his schedule is so busy but we were lucky enough to catch him just before New Year and here is what he had to say.
What are your plans for the season?
Have fun, ride hard! New Tricks Chill with my girls, Dew Tour, Photo trips in Utah, DC Mtn Lab, Switzerland, Snowmobiling, Backcountry filming, SuperPark and Shot Gunning PBR's!!

Whats been your favourite snow memory so far this year?
Having Breckenridge Freeway Park closed and me and Bobby Brown getting sled rides with Colorado's bluebird sky's.

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What's being rinsed on your ipod at the moment?
Here's my top 10 right now:

1. T.I.- Top of the World
2. Method Man- A-Yo (Feat. Saukrates)
3. Nas- Queens Get the Money
4. Jay-Z- Young Forever (Featuring Mr Hudson)
5. Guru Josh Project- Infinity 2008 (klaas vocal edit)
6. Katalyst- All You've Got
7. Ratatat- Seventeen
8. RZA(Black Knights, Dexter Wiggles And Thea Van Seijen)- Bloody Samuri
9. Benny Benassi- Come Fly Away
10. Enya- Only If

Who do you look to for inspiration?

What do you do when you can't ride?
Play with my wolf huskies and drink chocolate milk and a little p90x.

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What new tricks do you want to nail this season?
Ganors- Shot Gunning- DJ Flip.

If you could only snowboard for one more day but you could pick the day / resort / conditions / mates etc., what would you pick as your final day?
It would be am heliboarding in Alaska with T Rice, bluebird after 6 foot fresh the last few days. Then back to Breckenridge, Colorado's play ground for Freeway session with Sled rides. This is who is there: Tan, Woodsy, Eric Willet, Me, Glads Floyd, Todd Richards, Jussi Oksanen and DC crew.

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Thanks Nate!
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