Board review: 2015 Salomon Gypsy

Posted on Tuesday 8th April, 2014 Times Viewed: 6742
January 2014, and we were lucky enough to get our mitts on a 2015 Salomon Gypsy, fresh from the wrap for a week's test in Morzine. Three months later, and the Gypsy winked at me from the corner of the More Mountain test centre on the Subvert Boardstore Slushy.

Words - Kaz Willmer
I leapt over the hundreds of other test boards, boots and bindings in the test centre to get my hands back on the Gypsy again. No matter what I tested, the Gypsy always won, hands down. Here's why...


It was the last week of the season in Avoriaz, so the conditions made sure the Subvert Slushy did exactly what it said on the tin... Provide slush, and lots of it. But having already tested the Gypsy in January, it means I'd put the board through a heavy dose of powder days, iced piste, park, pipe and tree lines - from fun play-days in the sunshine and fresh powder tracks, through to progressive freestyle camp days.

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The Salomon Gypsy is a great board for every level of female rider, purely because of its handling. It's flexible enough to play around on while remaining super reliable and trustworthy to help you out on your landings. It loves cruising super fast down freshly groomed piste, and floating surf-style through knee-deep powder, as much as keeping you stable on park features, or snaking fresh tree lines. It makes progression in your snowboarding a far easier ride, while making sure you enjoy your shred, no matter what the day has in store for you.


The Salomon Gypsy has a really stable pop in her, making it a fun ride to bounce off side hits, pop onto park features or hit kickers. You all watched Jenny Jones get bronze on the Gypsy in the Sochi Olympic freestyle park - proving the Gypsy is perfect for any girl who wants to push her own boundaries, whatever her riding level.


The Gypsy's flex is everything I love about the ride. The Gypsy is a super lightweight board, which is really forgiving, and easy to ride, no matter what the conditions. Snaking unpredictable ski school toddlers down slushy mogul corridors is far easier on a softer board like the Gypsy, while still having enough strength for flatlining freshly groomed morning piste in complete control. For this reason, flatland tricks are super easy to progress on, as are fresh side hits which wink at you unexpectedly during your ride! A stiffer board wouldn't allow you all of these in one package, which is another reason why the Gypsy is such a rad board!

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Rider in mind

Every girl rider needs the Gypsy in her life, fact! No matter what level of rider you are, this board will give you the opportunity to progress your riding while having fun, no matter what the snow conditions are saying.

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My thoughts

Whether you wake up in the morning wanting a progressive park day, or a cruising day playing on side hits, the Salomon Gypsy will see you through it all - even if you get up the mountain to discover knee-deep powder, or a bunch of buddies heading off to the pipe, you know you'll have a rad day on the Gypsy. It's a reliable, fun board, that you can trust to push your riding to the next level, while making sure you have a fun, easy day riding.

I came off the mountain every day with a massive grin on my face, giggling like a schoolgirl because of the fun I had on the Gypsy. The fact Jenny got bronze on this board is just the icing on the cake for a ride that every girl shredder loves. Never once did I hear a bad word about the Gypsy, and every girl I suggested to try it, had an incredibly rad day riding too. What's more, the tie-dye graphics are pretty damn awesome too!

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In summary, I think the Salomon Gypsy encompasses everything snowboarding should mean to you - giving you the opportunity to take your riding to the next level when you want to, while enjoying every second you have it strapped to your feet on the mountain. It's a trustworthy, fun, playful board that you know will have your back, no matter what the day throws at you, giving you the confidence to tackle every condition and obstacle that comes your way. If you get a chance to try the Salomon Gypsy, I know you won't be disappointed - this is definitely the ride for every shredder next season.
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