For Sale: Zardoz NOTwax Ski & Snowboard Base Boost Super Shop Kit - BRAND NEW!

  Posted by Flinnster on 06/01/2019 @ 13:14
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Zardoz Ski & Snowboard Base Boost Super Shop Kit
100% Fluoro Top Coat For Any & All Waxes

Do you use a ton of Base Boost NOTwax and want a larger quantity of it?
The 225 g super shop kit gives you enough NOTwax for 300-500 applications
Includes large 4 inch felt applicator and a convenient storage container!

Get off to a faster start with Zardoz NOTwax! For high volume application, the Shop Kit is a must-have for racers and
teams that require quick and frequent applications.
You can save on buying many refills and new pucks with the Zardoz Shop Kit.

- Great for rental shops
- Ensures longer wax life and better sliding in flats
- The cost effective way to maintain a fleet of skis and boards
- Treats 300-500 pairs of skis and snowboards
- Includes 225g / 1/2lb pure liquid fluoro with shop applicator
- EAN: 615704200122
- Improves starting speed and glide.
- Easy and quick application - just wipe and go!
- Zardoz NOTwax is a 100% pure liquid fluoropolymer.
- Use in any snow condition - the wetter the better!
- A must have for all competitive racers!
- Non-toxic, no fumes, no mess and no silicone.
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