For Sale: ZARDOZ NOTwax Pocket Puck REFILL KIT! Pure Liquid Teflon Ski & Snowboard Wax

  Posted by Flinnster on 02/05/2018 @ 02:24
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Official ZARDOZ NOTwax Pure Liquid Teflon Ski & Snowboard "Wax" Money Saving REFILL Kit. Use on top of wax, or instead of wax.

A new 15g Teflon bottle of NOTwax Teflon lubricant, with a replacement self-adhesive backed felt applicator!

The most convenient Ski and Snowboard Base Wax you will ever use!

If you've already purchased or used a Zardoz NOTwax or Base Boost Pocket Puck, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about
when I rave about it's superior slippery performance, and the convenience of it's fast application using the puck.

However, isn't it a downer when the bottle finally runs out?

No longer a problem! Usually the puck itself is in pristine condition and it's a complete waste throwing it away!
Zardoz have created this Refill Kit so you can simply replace the felt pad if it's got a bit grubby, replace the bottle from the inside of the puck, and you are ready to slide once more!

Save yourself some money, and save that plastic puck from the landfill!
A superb money-saving alternative to buying loads of pocket pucks!

Willing to post at cost, if payment made in advance by PayPal.
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