For Sale: Burton Moto 2017 Mens Snowboarding Boots

  Posted by Gari14 on 28/11/2016 @ 23:00
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Hey guys!

So, Im selling a pair of Burton Moto 2017 snowboarding boots in a size 9 for a friend that bought them recently and didn't try them on in the store he bought them from (even though Ive been telling him that for boots you need to try before you buy) and he has been getting pain while wearing them. Obviously too small for him and thats his fault as he didn't listen to my advice about actually trying boots on in a shop first and because of his schoolboy error, he needs to sell them (and hes lost his receipt - another schoolboy error lol) and I said Id help him (hence this classified on here).

They are brand new and still in the box (as you can see from the photos) and he's only worn them around the house and not on the any real or dry slope. He tells me he bought them 2/3 weeks ago. The only thing that will need to be changed is for the insoles inside the boots to come out and replaced by whatever ones you own (ones from your old boots or standard ones bought online) as he's had them heat molded)

The RRP for these is around £145-£150 but he wants £100 and that includes p+p for them for a quick sale.

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